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zamoadventures [userpic]

this is inugome (right) and ka-yasha (left). I'm sill dispointed that I can't watch inu-yasha any more. they're going to end the show anyway. but, I can at least "borrow" my cousin ted's inu-yasha mangas :D!!!! I've been seeing lots of pix of inu-yasha and kagome's kids around the internet latley.

(yah, I know, its rated ages 16 and up (inu-yasha))

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zamoadventures [userpic]

I saw the newest teen girl squad issue. it was funny. I liked how at the end, so-and-so when't to jail. I can't wait for the next strong bad email. though, I keep thinking that summer's almost over. I've also decided to submit more than 1 pic at the same time.

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zamoadventures [userpic]


coach @: after watching the E mail garage sale
() that coach Z claimed to be a mom
marzipan: "this garage sale is more like a garbage sale"

strong bad: "adadadadada! moms only!"

coach Z: "oh! than I'm OK to say it!"

coach OBVIOUSLY adopted his daughter. this is just her as a teenager, right now, she's at least 3 1/2 years old.

homezipan: he is good friends with the cheat, but since his teacher is strong bad, the cheat doesn't want SB to be tootering homezipan  to beat up strong sad. he is kind of a nerd at times, for examplu, he gets RLY good marks in school, but he never gets beat up, he only gets beat up by pom-pom for interupting him when he's talking on his cell phone. I origanally came up with the idea of homezipan while looking at a pic with another one of them anime homestars.

I can't rly say much about the queen to town, but I was inspired to create these characters because I love

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zamoadventures [userpic]

HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY, SONIC!!!!!! WOOT!!! anyways, I am a big fan of homestar runner. I've been watching for a year! I hope you like this picy! ^^ (if you haven't heard of homestarrunner.com, check it now!)

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zamoadventures [userpic]

a lot of you want Stewie in this pic, but I didn't know he could be. family guy mixed with teen titans, huh? I think this is crap.

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zamoadventures [userpic]

I used to be addic to both shows. I'm exited about the return of invader zim.

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zamoadventures [userpic]

ok, I know that I messed up on the character choice, but this is my first pic. hope you like it! um, yeah, its inuyasha mixed with futurama.

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zamoadventures [userpic]


homestar runner mixed with inuyasha. well, I'm downloading inuyasha episodes from bearshare. but they're early episodes from season 3! I haven't watched them yet. >sigh< my life sucks. I made 3 this a real, real, long time ago.

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zamoadventures [userpic]

I don't know why I drew this crap.

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zamoadventures [userpic]

this is fry and leela's son, freel. ok, just to point this out: he has blue hair bevause leela's hair is purple, and blue is close to purple which is a sighn of crossbreed (between you and me, I got this idea from the guy who drew sonic and his future son) enjoy! PLZ COMMENT! 

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